Monday, December 29, 2014

A very sickly Christmas

I came home from college on the night of Friday the 19th, and by Monday I had acquired, quite impressively I might add, the flu, strep throat, and pink eye in both eyes. Unfortunately, my brother acquired the flu at the same time as me and we gave my parents the flu soon after (although no one else got strep or pink eye), so they are quite sick still. Needless to say, it was not the happiest of Christmases in my household. Although I still have a lingering sore throat and cough and I still have no voice, I am decidedly on the mend. I was even able to cross stitch this evening for the first time since coming home! I'm hoping for a very happy and healthy remaining two weeks of break, full of stitching and reading and spending time with my family, boyfriend, and friends.

Here's my current project, which should have been a Christmas present for my boyfriend, Ben, but was delayed by my illnesses.

"Don't go bacon my heart"
By nerdylittlestitcher on Etsy
Started November 6, 2014

And the other side:

I received an incredibly perfect present from Ben for Christmas: the HAED Honor Restored and all the supplies to stitch it!! So excited for this new start. :) I also received a subscription to Audible from my parents for Christmas, and chose the Fellowship of the Ring for this month's audiobook. I'm definitely going to listen to it while stitching this!

I hope y'all had a merrier Christmas than my family! Happy stitching!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Advent Calendar Blog Hop - Day 16


I am delighted to be participating in Jo from Serendipitous Stitching's Advent Blog Hop! Sorry all, for being a little late - especially those of y'all across the pond, where I know it's even later! I was in final exams all day. Now I'm almost done with them, and then I get to go home to properly enjoy Christmastime!

Speaking of which, I've done a bit of Christmas-y stitching lately. Not as much as I had planned, because school has been crazy, but I have a small finish to show you! It's from the free kit with issue 220 of the World of Cross Stitching. Isn't this little guy cute? I'm going to make him into a card for my mom! She's the one person I know fully appreciates the love that goes into a cross-stitched card.

I've also made some crochet stars out of all the yarn colors I currently own, which I'm going to finish as ornaments for my mom. I just learned how to crochet not too long ago, so this was an exciting venture, which seemed to go well! Pattern found here.

My best ever Christmas present was very hard to choose. I've received so many wonderful presents throughout the years! This one won out because it has definitely had the most use of any present I have ever received. It's a book chair! You just put a book in it, and the little handles hold it open. You can adjust the angle and everything. I love to read while eating, especially breakfast (when it's too early to talk!), so I have used it almost every day since getting it... oh, maybe eight or nine years ago? I also use it if I just want to read hands-free, or if I need to reference a book when writing a paper. I have spent countless hours enjoying reading while using it! My parents found the perfect present, and I hadn't even known it existed until Christmas day, several years ago.

To those of you to whose comments I have not yet replied, I shall get to it as soon as I'm on break! I've had a tough time with school lately, and just last week received some very upsetting news. Last Friday, my beloved dog, B.J, passed away. He's been like a best friend to me since I was five years old, and I had been looking forward to snuggling with him when I got home this weekend. That's about all I wanted for Christmas! He lived a long and happy life, and I am so blessed to have had him in my life, but I will miss him immensely.

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A very merry Christmas to you!