Friday, May 1, 2015

A Quick Update

College has been wildly busy for me since Easter. Most days I wake up early and am in classes or the library (or outside studying, now that the weather is lovely) all day, until at least midnight, when I finally return to my dorm and get a bit of sleep. I love my classes and I'm passionate about my work, but it certainly doesn't leave any spare moments for stitching!

I've been writing long papers that involve huge stacks of source material, and I've been learning so many cool things in my research. Recently, I finished reading Aristophanes's Birds in ancient Greek, memorized and performed one of the choral odes from the play for my class in the original ancient Greek, read a lot of medieval Latin poetry and learned how it differs from classical Latin, and I've been working on two final papers: one is providing a ritual explanation for differences in the costumes of the chorus and the actors in Greek comedy, the other explores Augustus's Res Gestae Divi Augusti through monuments and other spaces in Rome.

Come May 14th, I will be done with the semester and be heading home for a bit before leaving for the camp where I'll be a counselor all summer. I'm sad my classes have to end, but I'm so excited for the summer!!

Happy stitching, y'all! I hope that you're not too busy to stitch, or if you are, that you're the good kind of busy! :)