Saturday, June 29, 2013

This month's IHSW - take two and a finish

So I'm finally back to post last weekend's IHSW results. :)

I finished Graduation Heart 1, but have yet to finish-finish it and the second one. I gave up on Shell Collection rather quickly, because I have to frog some of those gray stitches. Frogging always makes me lose my stitching mojo. Oh, go check out this amazing giveaway! And now I'm not feeling very talkative, so - Have a nice day and stitch lots! ^_^

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This month's IHSW - take one

I worked under the assumption that this past weekend was IHSW, since the first of June was on a Saturday, but apparently this coming weekend is the real IHSW. That's okay, I get two weekends of stitching! :) So here's the result of the first weekend:

Graduation Heart 2 - Finished!

Graduation Heart 1 - The end is in sight!

I am so busy and exhausted this week - in a mostly good way. I wake up early each morning to walk about two miles, then have physical therapy or doctor appointments or see Ben (<3), then spend hours at my church's Vacation Bible School in the evening. I'm helping with crafts, as I have been ever since I aged out of VBS. It's exhausting, but worth it. I especially love the two and three year olds. :) All this busyness is taking away from my stitching and reading time, though, so I'll be glad when things calm down. Happy stitching!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A late TUSAL update and lots of stitching

I tend to go for long periods of time without really using electronics, and these past few weeks have been one of those times. I didn't even think about posting! Not to mention I've been in Myrtle Beach this week visiting family, which was loads of fun. :) The last week of May I was beset by a wave of ennui, and I attempted to counter this by putting down everything I've been stitching lately and picking up Shell Collection. Here's the progress I made:

Then I decided to stitch something for two of my best friends' high school graduations, and I started the day before their graduation, which was last Saturday. Needless to say, these'll be slightly late presents. They're just generic heart shapes, but in pretty thread that I won from Shebafudge in a giveaway. I'm calling them Graduation Heart 1 and Graduation Heart 2, respectively:

And now for a slightly late TUSAL update. It doesn't look like I have all that many threads for this month, but it feels like I stitched a good bit, so maybe looks can be deceiving. I worked on the Graduation Hearts (which I'm going to put in refrigerator picture frames), Shell Collection, You Have Stolen My Heart, and there's also some progress on Poinsettia Place that I don't have a picture of right now, from before the ennui. So here's my monthly ORT jar and then my 2013 one, the former with my journal in the background (it's my third one since December - I write a lot):

And that's all for now. I'll be back for an update after the weekend, which I think is IHSW, even though there isn't a post about it yet at Joyce's blog. Happy stitching!