Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Friday, I'm in love! :D

It's a gorgeous day, my parents and brother are visiting me for Family Weekend, and I'm making progress on my many assignments! Plus, I got ANOTHER cross stitch kit in the mail Wednesday night - how could it get any better? :)

My new cross stitch kit! :D I started it almost immediately, and I am loving it.

 "Live Simply"
Began October 25, 2012

I must say, this design is really cool. I combine colors for the darker piece of the stitching I've done - one strand light blue, one strand royal blue. How cool is that? :D It makes this cool effect. I love it! And the design is so simple and lovely, it fits the title perfectly. :)

Here's another update on Live, Love, Laugh! I made some progress with the pretty prettiness. :)

I haven't touched Snowman and Friends since Wednesday. I'm quite enthralled by Live Simply at the moment, hence the large amount of progress on it. And now, I shall take a nap, because hey, it's Friday! I can take naps, cross stitch, avoid writing papers for just a bit longer... :) Enjoy your Friday as well, reader!

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