Thursday, November 8, 2012

Progress is being made!

This hasn't been a good week health-wise, but I'm trying to take things moment by moment and just make it through each hour successfully. Sometimes each half-hour or quarter-hour if things are particularly bad. Although I didn't stitch at all yesterday, I made some progress in the days before. Look, pretty! :D

Some fun progress pictures for "Life Simply." (It makes me feel more successful when I take pictures of each stage. :3)

And as some extra fun... here are some things that help me make it through each day! :)

Pretty views from my dorm windows! :D 

 My awesome brother left this on one of my draw erase dots during family weekend. It's an illustration of wave particle density and superposition. I love his physics lessons. <3

 Pretty journals! I love notebooks and papers and writing utensils and stationary to a somewhat unhealthy extent... but they make me happy. :3 This is the journal I write in when I'm crying. It always helps. ^_^

 Best. Flowers. Ever. I love my boyfriend.

I love my Angel of Learning. :3 Good reminder that these Greek drills and Latin papers I'm doing? Yeah, I love this. I love learning. :) Also, I pick my tissue boxes based purely on prettiness. Furthermore, I plan on having a wall made out of stacked tissue boxes someday. It'll be lovely. :D

So that's a bit of my life! :) Have a beautiful Thursday!


  1. Your stitching looks very pretty! Thanks for sharing your life with us. What a great view from your window! I also pick colorful tissue boxes! LOL

  2. I really enjoyed reading about all the things that make you happy :) Nice progress on your stitching.