Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TUSAL and other updates!

I went home for the weekend, and it was lovely! I think my family is trying to fatten me up by Thanksgiving though, haha. :) Although I disappeared from teh interwebz for the weekend, I did get some stitching done. And my mom and I bought cross stitch supplies on Sunday! I have a frame for Darth Vader now, and I shall embark on that adventure come Thanksgiving. And so much thread! I wish I had a picture, but I left most of it at home, since it's for the Crazy January Challenge. Which I am decidedly completing. :D Here are several of the pieces I shall be stitching, come January:

"Folk Art Deer"
"Blushing Rose"
"Shell Collection" for my Mommy
"Favorite Pony" for my Ashlyn
"Everything Is Possible"
Several bookmarks from this,
for lots of wonderful people. :D
"Spring Sampler"

Lots of fun plans! More short-term, I'm hoping to finish all of my current projects by the end of the year (fingers crossed!). I'll also be stitching some really simple ornaments for my mom and this for my brother. Ambitious, I know, especially with college and my health. But it shall be fun! :) And now for this week's progress! :D

"Live Simply"
Look at that! I am nearly done with the cross stitching, and then I'll just have some back stitching and such. :) This piece is so lovely! It gives me such joy. :)

 "Snowman and Friends"
And look at that! Gettin' crazy, I know. I branched out and worked on one of my other WIPs! :D It's fun to stitch some detail when you've been working on a simple piece like Live Simply. And it's getting cold outside, getting me in the mood for winter!

It is so gorgeous here at Davidson!! Here are some pictures, as proof. :)

Aaaaaand here's a TUSAL update! I'm not officially on the list (working on that), but I've been keeping my ORTs since last new moon, so here they are! And I don't actually have a glass jar... but plastic is close enough, I hope. :) I used an old contact lens thingy as my glass jar. I love this so much, it's such a fun thing to do with little thread tails! :D

And now I shall finally wrap this post up. Lots and lots of updates today! Hope you're all having a great Tuesday! :)

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  1. You've got some great choices for the CJC! Folk Art Deer is so pretty. I'm sure you'll meet your goal of finishing them all! Wonderful view from your window!