Friday, April 12, 2013

April TUSAL (and stuff)

I'm back from a nice long stay at Table Rock State Park in a tiny cabin with no cell reception or internet, and I feel so refreshed. I needed a break from the tomb of my room so desperately, and a break in the routine of medical leave. If I'm going to feel bad so often, it's nice to feel bad away from home every once in a while. :) Anyways, some pics!

First, here's my Dad's birthday gift
(well, the cross stitch part of it).

I started this on April 1, while I was on my family vacation. This is how far I am now! It's "Best Friends," from a Stoney Creek book, X Marks the Spot. I'm making it for Ashlyn, who's been one of my best friends since elementary school.

Here's this month's ORT report, along with some of this month's current reads. If you look closely, you can see three layers - the bottom one being Santa's House, the middle being Blushing Rose, and the top being Best Friends.

Here's all of this year's ORTs so far, in a new container! Pretty vase that came with some pretty flowers that my boyfriend once got me. :)

The view from the top of Table Rock. :)

This was the view from the little patio of our cabin. Can you believe this gorgeousness??

Well, I guess that's about it. Happy stitching!


  1. Hooray you have a follower! Now I won't miss any of your posts.

    That's a pretty intense selection of books you've chosen, you'll need some relaxing stitching to absorb it all.

  2. The Best Friends design is so pretty! Your ORT jars look great. Welcome back from a beautiful vacation!

  3. Loving the stitching! So nice to see another young stitcher - I too am 19 and at university, but over in the UK, so it's pretty cool to find another person of a similar type over the Intertubes :D

  4. Nice stitching and lovely photo's.