Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A VERY late IHSW update

Hello all! I made lots of progress on Santa's Village over IHSW, and I had every intention of posting on that Monday.... but I just felt so miserable! And then there was a flurry of discoveries and doctors. *deep breath* So I almost definitely have fibromyalgia. I'm torn between the misery of having chronic pain for the rest of my life and the joy of having a name for my multitude of symptoms. I'm not crazy, it's not in my head, and other people have the same pain I do. It's comforting. And kinda scary. Anyway, on to the stitching!

Here's Blushing Rose:
LOTS of pink. I'm enjoying this piece. :)

 And here's Santa's House:
Yep, it's so close to being finished that I can taste it. I finished the cross stitches on Sunday, March 17th. Then I spent fifteen minutes teaching myself how to make French knots (see scrap fabric in bottom right of picture) and proceeded to make Santa's eyes. Then I didn't touch the piece for a week and have yet to finish the other French knots. Sometime soon, though, I'll finish this up and start Poinsettia Place! (So excited!!!)

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Happy stitching, my dears!

PS: I have been reading all your blogs and adoring them, I just haven't felt up to commenting. Know that I love all your posts and I shall try to do better with letting y'all know! <3


  1. It's good that you have a diagnosis, but I'm sorry that you don't feel well. Blushing Rose looks beautiful! I love those colors! Great job on practicing the French knots for Santa's eyes. That is very hard to do, to get two eyes that kind of look the same. Congratulations!

  2. Hello, I have just discovered your blog and am now a follower. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but at least now you have a name, it can be so frustrating when they don't know what is wrong and send you for all these tests - you feel like a guinea pig!

    I love your stitching, I have the first three charts of santa's village in my stash but I don't know when I will get round to stitching them :)

  3. Katie, please contact me. Thanks!!