Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Turtle Trot: January Post

Here are my ten pieces for the 2015 Turtle Trot, many of which are leftover from the 2013 Crazy January Challenge!

1. Tardis 3D, started sometime in 2013

2. Blushing Rose, started January 4, 2013

3. Santa's Village, started December 1, 2012

4. Dream, started January 13, 2013

5. Love, started sometime in 2013

6. Sing, started January 15, 2013

7. Favorite Pony, started January 8, 2013

 8. Everything is Possible, started January 12, 2013

9. Woodland Winter, started January 7, 2013

10. Snowman and Friends, started October 23, 2012

I actually did some work on Favorite Pony this week, starting on Monday. Here's where it was when I started:

Here it is at the end of Monday night:

And here it is at the end of Tuesday night: 

And at the end of Wednesday night:

End of Thursday night:

Oh, how I wish I could keep up this progress when I head back to college (which is happening tomorrow). Stitching is a rare treat at school, whereas at home I can settle down on the couch and watch seven hours straight of Lord of the Rings documentaries while stitching. Still, this was a good start to the Turtle Trot, and I'm feeling really inspired to get back to working on several of these pieces which haven't been touched since the Crazy January Challenge in 2013!

Happy stitching!


  1. Great progress on your pony, and you have a nice list of projects!

    I totally get the college thing. When I was at uni, the best I ever did was sometimes stitching on the one night a week my friends got together to watch some TV (pending class schedules and load and all).

  2. A 3D TARDIS!! My son (and I) would love that!

  3. Nice work on your pony! Great WIP's!!

  4. Great choices! You got a lot done on the pony. Lovely progress! :D

  5. You can do it. It is nice to see a youngster stitching.

  6. Great projects for the Turtle Trot SAL and wow, some fantastic progress on the pony.

  7. Nice progress your your pony. Now back to the books until the next break. Happy Studies :)

  8. The pony is coming along really nicely! A real cutie :)

  9. Great work on the pony! That's why I need TT too, although I did join CJC again this year.