Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 WIPocalypse: January Post

Hi y'all! It's time for my first ever WIPocalypse post! My name is Katie. I'm a sophomore at Davidson College (in NC, USA) and I'll be 21 in less than a month. I'm a Classics major, and I love learning ancient languages. I also love reading, listening to audiobooks, and doing crafty things like cross stitch, knitting, and crochet. I have lots of WIPs on which I hope to make lots of progress this year, but mostly I'm hoping to have some finishes this year. I started stitching in August of 2012, and I've noticed now that I'm moving toward having too many projects going at once. I'd love to make progress on cutting some of those down! So here are some of the projects on which I'm hoping to make progress (excluding my ten for the Turtle Trot SAL):

1. Honor Restored (new start)

2. Love One Another

3. Flowers in Purple Vase (yeah, it's a little embarrassing that I sort of forgot about this one and never went back to finish it)

4. Shell Collection

5. Hummingbird Duo (only backstitching left, so hopefully I'll get around to that soon!)

6. Two Margaret Sherry Christmas mice (new starts)

And there shall probably be more added to the list as the year goes on!

Happy stitching!


  1. Good luck with all your projects! Can't wait to see more

  2. Hehe! Love the purple vase one, lol! Should be able to make some good progress with that one at least!

  3. You have some very nice projects on the go. Good luck with them!

  4. Lovely projects. I look forward to watching your progress through the year.

  5. What a great line up ... love that little purple vase. It's so cheerful. Good luck!

  6. Honor Restored is amazing! Look forward to seeing your progress on all of your projects.

  7. Beautiful projects! Honor restored is fabulous!!

  8. These are lovely pieces, and couple that should be quick and satisfying finishes. Looking forward to seeing your progress!