Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March's Successes and April's Goals

Hey y'all! Just a quick heads up, this post is primarily for me, and there are no pictures of crafty things. I'm excited for some accountability with my goals this month, which is mostly why I'm posting this here.

March was pretty awesome now that I look back on it, and I'm hoping for a successful April to follow it up! :)

March Successes!
1. Finished stitching Favorite Pony, started way back in 2013!
2. Went on an incredible, life-changing mission trip to Costa Rica!
3. Accepted my first real job, as a camp counselor for the summer!
4. Finished watching all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!
5. Did a whole lot of schoolwork!

April Goals!
1. Finish-finish Favorite Pony (wash, iron, frame, and gift it).
2. Finish stitching Love One Another - Famine Relief Chart.
3. Finish listening to Genesis and start listening to Exodus.
4. Do homework outside of my dorm room more often.
5. Start running again, now that I am finally healthy.

You know, new months are always so exciting for me. The beginning of a new year, month, day, hour - all these beginnings are fresh and full of potential. You can brush aside anything that needs changing and start again with a clean slate. I love making goals, and I love the feeling at the start of these new beginnings that anything can happen and everything is pure.

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