Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blushing Rose Progress

I'm back! It feels like I've been off Blogger for a thousand years, but it's only been a week. By the number of posts I have to catch up on reading, it could be much more than a week, haha. :) Oh, I am so glad to be feeling a bit better! I couldn't cross stitch or get on my computer or anything - including knitting lessons - for a week. It was agony. Three of those days were spent lying as still as possible in a dark room without any sleep happening. Enough unhappiness though - I started feeling much better last night and managed to stitch a bit! Here's my progress:

Haha, does it look like a rose yet? The random ladybug that was in my room and flew onto it while I was stitching seems to think so. :)

I have been reading so much of Northanger Abbey lately, by Jane Austen, and I am loving it!! I'd totally recommend it, to anyone who happens to be looking for a good book to read. It's fun and witty and engaging. I love it!

A couple weeks ago I got a super cheap thread organizer thing because it was driving me crazy to dig through a huge pile of threads to find the right one. Loving this organization!! The winding of thread around bobbins is also very enjoyable for my OCD self. :)

My birthday is on Friday!! :) Just had to announce that. I'm pretty excited. Haha, obviously. And I am totally dragging my boyfriend with me to see Warm Bodies, just because. :D

Time to catch up a bit on reading everyone's lovely blog posts and seeing all their lovely stitching! :)


  1. Nice start on your Blushing Rose, and I like your floss box. I do the same thing and also enjoy winding the threads on the bobbins.

  2. Great start. Glad you are feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

  3. How cute that the ladybug thought your stitching looked like a flower! LOL. I love stitching with pink colors!