Friday, January 11, 2013

CJC 2013 Days 8-11 and TUSAL

The craziness continues, with days 8 through 11 of the Crazy January Challenge.

Favorite Pony
January 8, 2013
I am loving stitching Favorite Pony! The effect of the black Aida is so different, I love it.

Shell Collection
January 9, 2013
 I know, a bit of a pitiful start on Shell Collection. I was feeling particularly poorly that day.

Celtic Cross
January 10, 2013
I think I'm enjoying these Chrismons too much, I just keep going back to them. They're so simply and pretty and quick and I'm still in the Christmas spirit, I guess. :)

Crown of Thorns and Nails
January 10, 2013 - January 11, 2013
And another one!

January 11, 2013
Last one, I promise. I'm out of 14 ct. Aida and have no money. I'll probably have this one finished by later this evening, but I wanted to go ahead and do an update. :) I finished Crown of Thorns and Nails and began this one while rewatching A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Wonderful movie, especially interesting after taking (most of) a course on Roman Comedy last fall. I see a lot of Andria and Casina in the movie, which is fun. :)

And now a TUSAL update, the first one of the year! Lots of stitching has been done already. Mostly Chrismons - all that gold thread. :) I put my little cut up Dasani water bottle beside my journal. I have written in this journal every day for seven weeks - my medical leave thus far. It's a wonderful habit by this point. The cover has a lovely reminder, too, especially when lots of things aren't going according to plan.

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  1. That's a lot of ORTs! The Chrismons are great. I like the crown of thorns. Your Pony on black will look stunning!