Monday, January 14, 2013

CJC 2013 Days 12-13

I finished the Shell Chrismon on January 12th - kind of.

Notice anything a bit off? Yep, a water droplet is one block off. Oopsies. I am not excited about fixing that, so I've thrown Shell aside for the time being.

On January 12th, I also started Everything is Possible, a little Dimensions kit. Not much of a start, but a start nonetheless.

Yesterday, I started Dream, another bookmark from the Stoney Creek book, X Marks the Spot. It's so pretty already. :) I'm making it for one of my best friends. Her birthday is February 2nd, so I'll try to give her this for her birthday. :)

Happy stitching!


  1. I love the colors in your bookmark! That will be a wonderful gift.

    1. Me too! When I gathered all the threads together, I was so excited to stitch something with so many pretty colors! :)