Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flowers in Purple Vase Progress

Here’s a little progress update on “Flowers in Purple Vase,” my Christmas Day start. It’s so fun to stitch a small, simple, pretty design.

I am so close to finishing reading Anna Karenina. I’m dying for a few hours to sit down and read the last seventy pages or so. I wanted to do so yesterday, but I was really feeling bad and tried to take a nap instead. It’s disappointing, I thought I was doing a bit better and then the past few days haven’t been so good. I’m hoping it is just temporary, since these were high risk days – drastic change in weather, lack of good sleep, and lots of cleaning. My grandparents stopped by, which was wonderful! They’re a nineteen hour drive away, so these things are rare. My grandmother pushed me to finally start arranging a time to learn how to knit at my local needlework shop. I’m so excited! So look forward to a picture of my first attempt sometime next week. :)

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  1. Your stitching looks great! I've never tried to knit. Have a good time in the class!