Sunday, January 6, 2013

CJC 2013 Days 2-5

First, here's some more progress on my January 1st start, Sanctuary Shells. I've been having ill luck with cross stitch lately, including breaking this needle! Apparently I don't know my own strength, haha. :)

 Here's a bit more ill luck, on "Blast Off!" This is my January 2nd start, and I have not yet gathered the will to deal with the one green stitch that is out of place and must be fixed. The farthest green stitch down, next to the newly worked blue stitching, should shift right one block. Oops.

Here's my January 3rd start, "Fabulous Feather," from the January 2013 issue of the Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine.

Here's my January 4th start, "Blushing Rose," from the October 2012 issue of Cross Stitch Collection. Alas, more ill fortune! Apparently this ought to be stitched three over two, not two over two. I need to do some frogging on this piece, too.

But my ill fortune lifted! On January 5th, I started this Chrismon, the "Lamp." (You know, Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, and all.) I started and finished stitching this piece during the Cincinnati vs. Houston game yesterday. It was delightful! My mom had supplies and such for tons of Chrismons given to her by her mom, which she let me use. :)

Happy stitching!


  1. Sorry about the broken needles! On your Blushing Rose, sorry you need to frog all that out that you already stitched. You're keeping up great with the new starts every day. Isn't this fun?

    1. Eh, at least I noticed these mistakes early. Yes, it's tons of fun! :) My limited method of organization for my cross stitch projects is kinda falling apart though, haha. I just have this huge pile on my desk now.